Me along with kumaresan C S ,Navneet nair,Sooryanarayan,Sharad ,Salman and Yan reached the venue by 9am. we registered ourselfs with the help of a navneet who reached first from kasargode and was helping the organizers organise the event in whatever way he can. Me kumaresan ,soorya and sharad started setting up the stall with setting up the banner and standee.

we put up 2 laptops and starting setting swags for distribution. by 10am our preparations was completed. the were stalls of 20 other communities in the auditorium.

our stall was in the corner and after 10:30 students started visiting the stall. we started explaining about WebVr and Rust and sumo to the visitors .The main topic was sumo and Mozilla campus clubs. Me , kumaresan , sharad,soorya started explaining to the people about the opportunities in webvr and rust.We took turns in having short breaks in taking rest and visiting other stall to meet our fellow contributors.

at 2pm we left for lunch in pairs leaving sharad and kumaresan in the stall. We came back and the others went to have lunch.after lunch people started visiting the stall again.we manned our stall till 5pm in the evening with over a 3224 people visiting our stall.

we left in from Angamaly to Muvattupuzha in my car from which Kumaresan ,Soorya and Yan took a bus to Kottayam.

In total the event was a grand success. A lot of college students approached us with queries regarding campus clubs how they can start one. i sincerely hope Mozilla appoints new regional coordinators for the clubs program since we are short of regional coordinators in our state to manage all the clubs we currently have

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