Mozilla Kerala @ CE munnar


Mozilla kerala in association with College Of Engineering Munnar Organised a 2 Day Workshop on Open Source Softwares, introduction to debian and Php Web Development for beginners.

It was a really long day.

Reached Munnar after a really long ride of 100km on my  bike .

Reached the venue at 6pm . Got settled up in there principal quarters along with 2 other mozillians who arrived via bus.

We went out to have  food with the campus club members of the collage.

Dinner with club executives

We roamed around the beautiful city till around 2 am ..

Got back and slept of .

Day 1

We woke up after getting a wakeup call and bed coffee from the hospitality team of the club.

They  showed the best team work i have ever seen for a college team.

They served us with tea and breakfast. Then we went to there computer centre which is underground.  The atmospheric temperature was around 10* celcius.

It was really cold and we loved the environment.

We started our session with introduction to Mozilla Community and Open Source Culture.

It was a really good feeling to take an opening session after a long time.

We had over 50 participants since others were having exams.

I talked about Mozilla Support team  were i contribute the most. Also about how people can involve with mozilla . how people can contribute to mozilla code base and other fields. Like qa bug triaging. Etc.

After the intro we started the main session. HTML CSS and basic js required to build a site.

The 3 of us and other volunteers from the campus club assisted.

We had a long session on html and css. Students started their work on portfolio websites with what they have learned so far.

We provided lunch to the participants. And the session  continued . The task ahead for us was to fix all the bugs the students made in the code of their portfolio.

We also took a small session on bootstrap so they can use it make the sites mobile friendly. The students adapted quite fast to the new framework and continued their work.

We served tea in the evening and later continued till 9pm.

Beauty of Munnar

As yesterday we went out to explore to explore the wilderness of Munnar.

Day 2

We started day 2 in a similar manner as that of day 1. We started with follow up and clearing doubts of the participants from day 1 . We started session on PHP so they add server side scripts to their site , to add simple contact and mail me forms.

The PHP session was quite long we had to solve lots of bugs since they were new to PHP and server side scripting.

We also explained about how they can host their portfolio sites for free in some sites as subdomain.

The session ended after a long photo session.

They even gave momentos as a token of appreciation.

We left for our homes at around midnight after the after enjoying the party with the club members including soft drinks and cake..

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