WikiSangamotsavam 2016

Mozilla Kerala was invited to be a part of this gathering. As a part of MozActivate initiative from Mozilla, we, from Mozilla Kerala community, organized an event at Wikisangamotsavam-2016. Me, Vipin George, Syam Kumar, Salman Faris, Sayed Falil and Gautam Krishna attended the event.

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The three-day event kicked off on 26th December 2016, at Padannakkad, Kanhangad, Kasaragod district, Kerala, India, the first two days included the sessions, Wiki Editing Workshop & many more, the third day was set for a boat ride called ‘JalaYatra’.


As usual, we came with a delegate agenda pretending to roll a mountain a month ago; the wikipedians loved it and were excited to have us there.

  • Information on password security, user privacy and how Mozilla values these elements.
  • Malayalam localization activities by Mozilla.
  • Information on other interesting Mozilla projects such as the MozActivate, MozVR, IoT etc
  • Intro to A frame
  • Demo of VR devices

The event also included a couple of sessions from the Mozillian delegates too :

  • Web Privacy, Mozilla’s Mission by Akhil James
  • Intro to A frame by Salman Faris


Day 1.

        • We reached the venue early and set up our stall. from the opening of the stall crowd started visiting the stall as they didnt  expect a stall there. Vipin Sir , sayed ,salman , gautam and me took turns to man the stall.
        • the wiki community started the event by inagural ceremony and later started there programs.
        • the first mozilla session was handled by akhil,me and vipin sir helped in the session.
        • akhil took session on
        • Introduction to Open Source & Privacy
        • Why Open Source?
        • Mozilla’s Mission
        • Why Firefox?
        • Why Install Firefox for Windows 10?
        • Set Firefox as Default Browser
        • Firefox for Android
        • Mozilla Kerala Community Activities along the state …
        • Malayalam localization
        • Servo engine and how this would improve the browsing.
        • we organised a quiz competition in our stall with around 5 questions and the winners were given swags.

Day 2

            • the 2nd session was a technical one handled by salman with the help of akhil .
            • he took a 3 hour session on
            • Rust Programming
            • A frame and MozVR
            • IoT Introduction
            • Raspberry Pi
            • Arduino
            • NodeMCU
      • After the session on A frame and raspberry almost all the crowd was in front of the crowd asking us questions and doubts regarding the session.
      • the wiki community had to stop there event for about an hour because all the attendees were at our stall.


Day 3

we got up early and went to the location were the organisers have arranged a house boat to take the attendees on a ride in the backwaters to visit small small islands and take photographs and collect data for the open source mapping projects .

sajil a wiki enthusiast explained about there wiki localization efforts on how there working to bring a complete wiki edition on malayalam language.

we explained about our on localization initiatives on pontoon and explained how we are working with kumaresan as our lead to bring a full firefox browser with our language.

we reached back were we started by 6pm and we left kanhangad hoping to come back again and meet the gang.


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